Cat's Cradle

- a harmonious tangle of strings & things . . .

Cat's Cradle is a group of instrumentalists and vocalists performing folk, Celtic and popular music on a variety of instruments. Philippa Anderson and Deb Gerace of Vintage Vocals are joined by Robin Daniel on guitar and Marka Ormsby on bass. Don McCook joins the fun with bowed psaltery, pipes and tin whistles.

-For Bookings-

Contact Philippa Anderson at 770.617.9929 or Deb Gerace at 678.777.9027. If you would prefer to email, you will find their contact information below.

Deb Gerace

. . . and for solo performances of vocals with guitar or hammerchord, contact Deb at geraced@gmail.com

Click here for audio samples:
vocal with autosharp
vocal with guitar

Prayer Whisperer

Deb Gerace of Kennesaw has released a CD of whispered prayers and meditation music. She learned the healing powers of music through her experiences with cancer surgery.
This CD was designed for soothing listening, at low volume, preferably through headsets when one is lying down. She used it while in bed in the hospital, attempting to achieve inner peace at a stressful time. The whispered prayers were inspired by a minister she met a few years ago in Scotland, who was losing his voice to cancer. She never forgot how powerful his whispery sermons were. The musician and retired middle school teacher recorded ‘The Prayer Whisperer’ in her home studio with the help of a friend. Although Deb planned to make this CD a gift to anyone who asked for it, she and her recording engineer discovered that mixing music and whispers takes several sessions. Deb answers queries about price by stating that she welcomes whatever donations the Spirit moves one to make. The important thing is to get The Prayer Whisperer out there where people need peace, calm or healing.

-For CD's and More-

For Prayer Whisperer CD's contact Deb at geraced@gmail.com
for information on deb's latest creative, literary or educational projects, visit actingoutplays.wordpress.com