We are VINTAGE VOCALS and we perform eclectic vocal music for all occasions. We are unique among performing groups, due to the variety of venues in which we perform and the musical styles we present. Our venues range from military bases to the Ga. Renaissance Festival. You can catch our act belting out 40's swing tunes in Andrews Sisters style uniforms one day and singing folk songs on the the S.A.M. Shortline excursion train in denim and bandannas, the next. We are wives, mothers and teachers who have made a fantasy life out of music that has been successful beyond our wildest dreams, transporting us overseas on a USO tour and forming friendships both stateside and abroad. We have performed at churches, state parks, military bases, corporate events for Delta, AT&T, GE, Southern Company, Continental Airlines, HBO and many more. We are particularly dedicated to our military veterans and patriotic to the core.

**What Others are Saying About Us...
Vintage Vocals tickled our nostalgia bone with a Memorial week recreation of a WWII USO club radio show, replete with wartime décor, a pompous, stentorian emcee, soundman, foley man, advertising jingle singers, and audience participants, who played their parts with gusto. The first set was comprised of performing trio Philippa Anderson, Deb Gerace, and Mary Slider who channeled the Andrews Sisters, in period wartime dress and singing with a recorded instrument track. The harmonies were spot on and, if you closed your eyes, your mind’s eye convincingly screened a black & white image of the uniformed Andrews Sisters belting out “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, except the soundtrack was live!
For the second set, the afore-mentioned USO radio show crackled to life, as well. Emcees, singers, actors, and sound effects men all working from a script, as was customary for the radio medium, and in front of a live audience—us. The “actors” consisted of pre-selected audience members, provided with their lines and some minimal costuming. It was hilarious to watch them grow into their roles, hamming it up or adopting a serious persona. Periodic breaks for the show’s “sponsor” had the vocal trio singing a coffee roaster’s jingle in which the audience sang along from our own short script page. The entire night was fun, nostalgic, and better than dinner theater.
Vintage Vocals is more than just a talented singing trio, they are an entire entertainment troupe!
--Gregg Averett (May 18, 2013 - Acoustic at Oaks End)